Why Lake Anna is the Best Choice


Lake Anna is located in central Virginia and is the second largest lake in the state.  The lake is more than 20 square miles and contains more than 240 miles of shoreline.  Lake Anna is the closest body of freshwater to Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland, which is where most of the Lake Anna buyers come from.  Lake Anna was manmade in 1972 by Dominion Power (previously VEPCO) and remained commercially undeveloped until recent years. Charlottesville is only a 45 minute drive to the west and Richmond is less than an hour away to the south. Fredericksburg , an extended suburb of northern VA, is only 25 minutes from Lake Anna.

Lake Anna Trivia

1) How long was it supposed to take to fill Lake Anna ?

2) How long did it actually take to fill the lake?

Lake Anna Trivia ANSWERS

Lake Anna was supposed to take 3 years to fill but Hurricane Agnes came along in 1972 and filled more than half the lake in 3 days and nights. the rest took less than 18 months.

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