How close can I build to the water?

This is a portion of Chapter 3 of the Lake Anna Real Estate Buyers Guide.

Dominion owns the water and some land around the water. The Dominion line is 5 ft. above normal pond, which is 250 ft. sea level. Basically, if one measures up five ft. vertically and then levels back horizontally to the shore that is considered the Dominion line. All parts of the house must be at least 5 ft from the Dominion line. This insures that there is no chance of flooding the houses or having any pollutants enter the water.


The steeper the lot, the closer the line is to the water and that means the closer the house can be to the water.

  • Why is this important?
  • How does it affect value?
  • Are there ways to get closer to the waterfront?
  • What about smaller structures?
  • Can I have gazebos? Docks?

The answer is yes. This permission is granted based on several rules and regulations.  Find out details in our full Lake Anna Real Estate Buyers Guide.


Lake Anna Real Estate Buyers Guide
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