The First 3 Things You Need to Know about the Public and Private Side of Lake Anna:


Lake Anna is divided into two sides – the private and public side or the warm and cold side.  The warm / private side is almost 4,000 of the 13,000 surface acres.  The water is divided by a series of three dikes on the southwest end of the lake.    The private side is also called the warm side because Dominion uses a cooling lagoon with the water from the private side to cool the turbines at the power plant and, of course, as the turbines cool, the water warms slightly. The  water right next to the plant can sometimes be ten degrees warmer than the public side.  As the water flows through the canals to the south end, the water temperature naturally cools and is nearly the same temperature as the main lake as the water is introduced back into the public side near the dam.  Most water recreation enthusiasts enjoy the extended season on the warm side.

  1. On the private side, there are no public marinas or launch areas – only landowners can access the water through subdivision common areas or their own property.
  2. The public side has many launch areas open to the public.
  3. The private side may have an extended season due to the warmer water temperatures.

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